Community Prospecting

Alchemy Café

Not just a café for food and drinks, Alchemy Café in Dawson City serves as a space for community gatherings, provides locally-sourced food and hand-crafted drinks, a space for yoga class, meditation sessions, moccasin making tutorials, a concert venue, a rental suite, and even a collective library for public use. Built from the ground up by the owners, the café showcases a new method of northern prospecting: these ‘alchemists’ are looking for gold through community engagement and sustainable food sourcing.

Products used in the café are carefully chosen to support businesses that promote local, organic and fair trade practices. Co-Founders Florian Boulais and Sofia Ashenhurst are active in local sustainable food initiatives, which in Dawson includes an emphasis on locally grown fresh produce. Harsh winters, washed-out roads and landslides often lead to both food shortages and inadequate food quality. This sense of the integral nature of community has led to the Alchemy team making the lives and their livelihoods one and the same: work, friends, food, creativity, and community sustainability all combine under the same roof at the café.

As part of this philosophy, Alchemy Café offers unique, localized services, and focuses on supporting a healthier community through its products and its event programming.