Remote Networking


DC2GO is a compact and portable IT company that specializes in high-density data centre solutions that can be placed anywhere in the country. Based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and member of the WalnetNetworks companies, CEO Andrew Coe founded the company to provide efficient, accessible, modifiable portable data facilities to communities, often in remote areas, or areas previously serviced by unsecured cross-boarder networks.

Using recycled shipping containers to manufacture mobile data centres and telecommunication shelters, DC2GO have worked on a variety of projects that include a 1100 km high speed fibre internet infrastructure built from Dartmouth to New Brunswick and into Quebec.

Services are cost effective, efficient and within secure data centre facilities to maintain telecommunications solutions for the IT requirements of governments, international corporations and other businesses. DC2G0 is positioning its products to serve Canadian businesses that are often limited to expensive or outsourced foreign centres that can threaten privacy and secure data custody. The company also helps to service essential telecommunications infrastructure in rural and remote communities, necessary to assist in building local, sustainable economies.