Hands-On Hard Skills: Free School

Falls Brook Centre – Free School

The Falls Brook Centre in Glassville, New Brunswick, is an environmental education and community demonstration centre that strives to live sustainably on the land, use appropriate technologies and promote local and international community development and rural revitalisation. The Falls Brook Centre Free School program offers an insight into the assets of the communities it serves as well as an opportunity to help disseminate those skills.

Free School is an alternative approach to classroom education, focussed on communal and participatory learning that encourages everyone to adopt the role of both teacher and student. Free School provides an opportunity for participants to share the knowledge and skills that are at risk of being lost in rural New Brunswick, as well as knowledge and skills that may be new to the area. Free School provides a forum for community members from diverse backgrounds to both teach and learn in a space that fosters open communication, innovation and a hands-on, hard-skills culture. It is an opportunity for learning and sharing between neighbours who might not otherwise meet at the shops or in the fields, but who share the land, the water – and possibly a rural New Brunswick identity.