Foraging New Markets

Fiddlehead Heaven

Fiddlehead Heaven harvests, prepares and markets wild-foraged New Brunswick fiddleheads. With products available to be shipped globally – powered, dried, or fresh – the company also runs local mushroom hunting courses, provides local cabin retails, and offers private consultations for woodlot owners. The company also provides wild root ( Dandelion, Burdock, Raspberry), and other cold press juicing (berries and leaves) for Nutricutical companies.

Foraging for wild foods is a balance of protecting natural resources from overharvesting and maintaining a volume that supports a viable business model. Fiddlehead Heaven’s knowledge of the area comes from the generations of New Brunswickers who have foraged for wild Ostrich Fern fiddleheads. While they are a staple at maritime supermarkets every spring, Fiddlehead Heaven is able to spread not only a unique product further afield, but also a unique cultural process. As an example of a local sustainable business, Fiddlehead Heaven allows for specialized, localized knowledge to be disseminated on a larger scale, and to in turn reinvigorate the local economy.