Homespun Naturals

Homespun Naturals by Tanya is the creation of Tanya Keech, who currently lives in Chapleau, Ontario but originates from Mississaugi First Nation in beautiful Northern Ontario.

Tanya creates all-natural bath and beauty products, as well as one-of-a-kind anishnaabe (aboriginal) art and crafts and home décor. In a quest to reduce her carbon footprint and impact on mother earth, many of Tanya’s products are based on recycled/upcycled materials. Each piece is unique and specifically handcrafted, drawing inspiration from Northern Ontario’s crisp, serene forests and an abundance of lakes and rivers.

Homespun is always evolving, and trying to offer new products that have not been readily available in this community of 2,000. Tanya’s products are available at local stores and businesses, on her Etsy page, and through Pass the Feather.

With Homespun in operation since 2014, Tanya has now begun expanding her business to develop the Rustic Bear Den Market, a trading post to fill a need for “one stop shopping” for the local community. Beyond focusing on the convenience of a market-style operation, she is especially passionate about promoting the idea of buying locally from local producers, and that by supporting local businesses, the entire community stands to benefit.

Along with this focus on shared community development, Tanya says she wants to “show that hard work and perseverance pays off, and that we can be successful even in a small community”.