Honey Pie Hives and Herbals

Sustainable business often doesn’t just mean environmental and economic success of a single business, but a contribution to broader sustainable objectives. Honey Pie Hives and Herbals make products resulting from the bees they keep and herbs they grow on their farm in Prince Edward County, and help support other local businesses in the process.

With over 100 hives and an 80-acre farm that they run responsibly in accordance with organic farming principles, the company produces unpasteurized honey, beeswax candles, teas, herbal glands, soaps and lotions, and mead. Looking to connect and support the community beyond their own farm, Honey Pie’s team keep hives all over the County. They share their bees and move them around to ensure the proper pollination of the various crops in the area. This includes organic orchards and farms, as well as the local lavender farm.