Livable Communities First

A vision that prioritizes the needs of the year-round community first, helps to create a vibrant place that will inevitably attract visitors in a way that a singular usage approach cannot. Investing in the community’s cultural resources, as part of its future growth, will have economic returns and social benefits for all.

Regional Perspective

A regional approach which considers both the needs and values of small communities encourages long-term investment and commitment from a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring continued success.

New Uses for Existing Places

The best way to build a sustainable community is to work with existing resources. small will complete an inventory of these resources and produce strategies for the best way to use, maintain and preserve them as part of the community’s future management.

Cross-Generational Engagement

small provides a unique opportunity to build connections between two distinct demographics, in an effort to establish the future of rural Canada’s identity.

Place-Based Economies

Many small and mid-sized towns throughout North America are working to redefine their identities through new creative economies. small will examine how similar communities are developing sustainable economies and will generate unique strategies and criteria for each community we work with.

Incremental Growth

As an approach to sustainable development, incremental growth allows for small, manageable investments. These changes can also provide opportunities to test and refine ideas for future investment and growth potential.

Community Values

small embraces the values and priorities of the community. Addressing these priorities leads to increased momentum for new opportunities, and inspires the community to dream big.