ERA Architects 

ERA Architects Inc. maintains a focus on heritage conservation, adaptive reuse, urban and rural planning, landscape and urban design. In practice since 1990, ERA has over 50 staff members based in Toronto, Prince Edward County, and Montréal. The founding principals of ERA are members of the Ontario Association of Architects and the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP), and are Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.


The Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R) is a non-profit research organization founded in 2009 with the mission to engage in cross-disciplinary research initiatives fundamental to achieving livable and sustainable urban, suburban and rural environments.

Culture of Outports

Culture of Outports uses research, design, and planning to foster livable communities in Newfoundland’s historic outports. The project was initiated in order to explore adaptive reuse potential for the unique collection of communities that scatter the coastline of Newfoundland. Outport communities continue to change and adapt to major economic and cultural shifts – most significantly, the 1992 cod moratorium. These forces have had a profound impact on the sustainability of the communities, and pose a threat to the intangible cultural heritage that defines them. An understanding of the unique history and character of these outport communities is essential in order to successfully plan and manage their future evolution, post fisheries. There are plenty of examples throughout the province to suggest that communities are exploring alternative economies and opportunities, and even searching to invent new industries and ways of life in response to these major shifts. In many cases, creative thinkers are rebuilding these communities in the next wave of cultural activity.