Wearable Traditions

Skookum Anoraks

Skookum is a First Nation word meaning powerful, strong & impressive. SKOOKUM brand anoraks are founded on principles of design integrity, quality workmanship, and sustainable and respectful resource use. These are designs from the north, for the north.

Designer Megan Waterman moved from British Columbia to Dawson City in 1997. Since creating the Skookum brand in 2005, she’s seen her business become an integral part of the local landscape. As the Skookum team says, coming from the land of the six-month winter, they know people don’t just wear a winter jacket – they have a relationship with one. That relationship starts with a corporate vision that aims to develop and promote northern culture, skills and values through innovation, design integrity, quality workmanship, and, sustainable and respectful resource use.

The responsible use of fur means using the highest humane harvesting standards, managing fur-bearing animals with principles of conservation biology, and generally demonstrating the utmost care and respect for wild animals and their habitats. Skookum exclusively uses fur from Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs and the Klondike Soft Gold programs. In the Yukon Territory, many aboriginal people harvest fur in a sustainable manner, and have traditionally done so. Their vested interest in wildlife habitat and conservation helps drive new business models based on traditional resources.


Photo: Richard Hartmier