Storytelling and Silo Singing

Small Pond Arts

Small Pond Arts is an arts centre, art gallery and artist residency centre owned and operated by artists Krista Dalby and Mile Murtanovski. Established in 2010, SPA has established or adopted many festivals and events: Stickfest, the Scarecrow Festival, Banner Raising, Silo Singing, the Firelight Lantern Festival that build upon the existing culture and creative industries.

Krista, a puppeteer, regularly works with students in the local schools to produce shadow puppet shows, often telling local stories. She established Puppets Without Boarders to expand the program beyond local schools – but the model remains the same: Krista lives with the community, develops an understanding of the people, stories and folklore of the area, then crafts a story, and (with local children) prepares the production – from the making of the puppets to the final performance.

Engaging the community and telling their stories is key to Small Pond Arts’ success, and they in turn contribute to the vitality and community-minded focus that makes the region unique.