Union Electric Building

The Union Electric building in historic Port Union is undergoing an extensive restoration project with the hopes for adaptive re-use of the space as a community hub, possibly used for crafting workshops and hosting lectures. The Union Electric Company Office is a Registered Heritage Structure, designated for its historic and aesthetic values. Surrounding towns of Port Union, Catalina, Elliston and Bonavista were powered by the company.

Through the regional development fund, $100,000 was awarded to the Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation to assist in the restoration project.

Given its prime location and proximity to the recently completed Foundation Square and waterfront boardwalk, there is an opportunity for the building to serve as a hub for heritage and community events.

As an approach to sustainable development, incremental growth allows for small, manageable investments. These changes can also provide opportunities to test and refine ideas for future investment and growth potential. Inevitably, this requires the involvement and commitment of the community, strongly demonstrated in Port Union.